The Five Benefits Of Running From The Beginning!


Many people dream of completing a marathon, one of the most grueling displays of fitness ever devised. Training for a marathon is a long process that takes plenty of time and dedication. Less than one percent of the entire world’s population can realistically boast that they have finished an entire event. The idea of joining this elite group appeals to fitness gurus and beginners alike. Your journey as a runner must have a humble beginning in order to realize your dreams one day. Getting started is rather simple, but there are a few things to keep in mind when you begin a routine. Your training will pay off even more if you take the proper care in the very beginning of your days as a runner.

Proper Footwear


Before you truly start a jogging routine for training, you must make sure to purchase proper footwear. Running places a lot of stress on the feet, so you must be sure to provide your feet with as much comfort and support as possible. Quality running shoes cost a decent amount of money, but they are an investment well worth making from day one. Quality running shoes help you avoid injuries and make your run more enjoyable. Replace running shoes as soon as the mid-sole begins to deteriorate. When this happens, shoes lose support and leave you vulnerable to nagging aches and pains. Running in the same shoes too long is a mistake you will regret. You can always find sales on shoes at various online stores and shops.

Best Running Songs


If you want to run with an iPod or similar device, you should pick the best running songs that motivate you. Everyone has their own favorite type of music, but some songs appeal to all types of people who participate in jogging. The famous Rocky movie soundtrack features a well-known song called Eye of the Tiger. This song inspires people to give it their all, especially if they have watched the movie. You might also enjoy songs such as Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. Few bands burst on to the scene quicker than Imagine Dragons. They make plenty of music that joggers should find motivational and pleasant. Be sure to use music that you find comforting. Your music should also push you to succeed beyond your current capabilities. Your music will provide the tempo for your run, so don’t choose music that is too fast or slow. Choose the best running songs for your own needs.

Outdoor Running


If your ultimate goal involves marathon participation, you will need to give outdoor running a try. Your shoes could be purchased specifically for the purposes of outdoor training. Try to train in weather that is neither too hot nor too cold. If you live in particular climates, you will need to dress accordingly. In cooler weather wear hats, gloves, extra socks, and insulated clothing. If you have to run in hotter climates, much sure to drink extra water and wear the lightest possible clothing. Try to run in the mornings or late in the evenings when the temperatures decrease. Make sure that you also wear clothing that is light in color. You shouldn’t run too close to highways, but sometimes it’s difficult to avoid.



If you don’t want to compete, you could train on a treadmill. Treadmills offer some advantage over braving the elements on your own. You get to choose settings that will cater to your current fitness level and goals. You can watch television from the comfort of your own home with a home equipment device. You can avoid rain, snow, wind, and other factors that make outdoor fitness a hassle at times. You get to take control of your fitness thanks to equipment that allows you to run inside your home or a gym. Fitness is just around the corner, and you can run off the pounds easily with some self-motivation.

Gradually Increase Time


Many people try to run for fitness, but they give up quickly. They make their routine too difficult at first. If you are serious about getting in shape or training for an event, you have to understand that starting small is the way to go. Don’t think of running in terms of distance in the beginning. Focus on the amount of time you can jog without stopping. Start at five minutes for a few weeks. Then you can go to 10 minutes, and then 15, and so on. Once you can run for 30 minutes without stopping, you know you have made exceptional progress. The longer you can run without stopping, the more weight you can lose and keep off. Be sure to use a timer either with your cell phone or a watch to track your time spent training.

Heart Rate Monitor


Beginners to the world of jogging can utilize a heart rate monitor to aid them in their training. A heart rate monitor tells you how many beats per minute your heart is beating. As a general rule, you shouldn’t run so fast as to try to sustain a heart rate of 200 beats per minute. For most healthy individuals, maintaining a heart rate between 150 and 170 beats per minute will lead to great results. The monitor should be relatively inexpensive, but it could be a great investment. Be sure to purchase a unit that has a strap around your chest for best results.

Transforming yourself into a runner won’t happen overnight. You have to be a consistent effort each time you run to push yourself to the next level. Start small so that you can accomplish some easier goals. Once your body is comfortable with jogging, you can set your sights on some greater accomplishments. You never know what you are capable of until you try. Maybe your dreams of completing a competitive race will come true in time with hard work and a determined spirit. Get your shoes, your music, and your attitude in check so that you can run your way to fitness.



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