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Achieve The Same Gains With Shorter Workouts!

Tired of logging too many precious hours in the gym, or shortcuts that shortchange your gains? Get the most out of your workouts with these three changes.

Source: www.bodybuilding.com

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​Sculpt Your Back With This 3-Move Circuit

If you have a battle rope and a few weights, you have the perfect way to sculpt a big, muscular back.

Source: www.menshealth.com

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Get a full-body workout with one piece of equipment: The kettlebell

This cast-iron, ball-shaped weight has all the bells and whistles necessary to achieve a superior workout.
– Ashley B. Greenblatt, ACE-CPT, Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News

Source: www.philly.com

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The Pros And Cons Of The Leg Press

Plus, which is better for you – the squat or leg press?

Source: www.coachmag.co.uk

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A Les Mills HIIT expert on whether you should work out on an empty stomach

HIIT is having a real moment in the sun. It’s ridiculously time effective, it’s unrelenting and it’s supposed to be excellent for targeting belly fat. But how much d

Source: metro.co.uk

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Not Getting Bigger? Try These Brutal Bodyweight Supersets

Combining heavy weight and bodyweight moves will get you bigger and stronger in no time.

Source: www.mensjournal.com

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A 100-Rep Bodyweight Workout That Can Be Done in Just 5 Minutes

Don’t think you have time to exercise? This 100-rep workout can be done in just under five minutes. And the best part is that you don’t need any equipment

Source: www.popsugar.com

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Tip: Do This Chest Exercise Instead of Declines

This movement is far superior to the regular decline bench press. Check it out.

Source: www.t-nation.com

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Here’s A 20 Minute Full Body Workout You Can Do With One Kettlebell

Swings aren’t the only thing you can do with a kettlebell. Here, personal trainer Kevin Toonen shares his favourite full body kettlebell workout.

Source: sporteluxe.com

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This 400-Meter Walking Lunge Workout Will Put Your Conditioning and Toughness to the Test

This is the most difficult Lunge workout ever.

Source: www.stack.com

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