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Simba Squat: How to Make a Squat Harder—With Less Weight

Replace the risky back squat with a movement that’s just as effective—and taxes even more muscles. Here’s how to do a simba squat using a kettlebell for your next workout. It’s a squat variation you’ll want to add to your regular routine.

Source: www.mensjournal.com

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Signs You Need a New Gym

Dirty gyms with broken equipment or classes you don’t love won’t help you reach your goals. Learn more signs it’s time to break up with your gym.

Source: www.health.com

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How To Do The Reverse Crunch

Flip the classic crunch for a more effective abs exercise

Source: www.coachmag.co.uk

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Weekly Workout Plan For Women

One of the best ways to have success at the gym, before ever touching a weight, is to have a plan. We’ve all been there before: you get to the gym and sit

Source: www.popsugar.com

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10 Exercises You Should Never Do Again, According to Trainers

Newsflash: Some moves (and exercise machines) don’t actually do that much for you—and some can be downright dangerous. Here, what to do instead the next time you hit the gym.

Source: www.shape.com

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5 Kettlebell Workouts For Men To Build Muscle

Add these five effective kettlebell workouts to your training program to build muscle for a sculpted body.

Source: www.sportskeeda.com

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15 Best Abs Exercises Of All Time – Best Abs Workouts

These ab exercises will target your entire core, and give you better results than standard crunches.

Source: www.womenshealthmag.com

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Rowing Machine Workout – How to Use Rowing Machine for CrossFit

Learn to improve your rowing machine performance with these tips and a 3-week training plan.

Source: www.menshealth.com

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6 Best Abs Workouts For Women To Get Sexy Abs

Women, do you want sexy abs? Do these exercises and reach your fitness goals!

Source: www.sportskeeda.com

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Build Special Forces-worthy strength in your chest and back

Take on chest day with SAS: Who Dares Wins champion Matt Sallis

Source: www.menshealth.co.uk

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