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The Health Benefits of Working Out With a Crowd

When it comes to fitness, working out in group settings can boost motivation, burn more calories and make exercise fun.

Source: www.nbcnews.com

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These Kickstarter earbuds have an AI assistant built into them to motivate you while you workout

The latest headphone innovation comes from a company called Vi. The company’s wireless earbuds come equipped with a voice-activated AI personal trainer.

Source: www.businessinsider.com

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Staying motivated for those workouts in the fall

Cold weather brings an abundance of memories with every degree that drops. Fall means breaking out your best boots, going to pumpkin patches and apple orchards, starting the holiday season

Source: www.collegiatetimes.com

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The Key to Actually Losing Weight, According to Fitness Guru Massy Arias

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If you’re a regular in the fitness scene, chances are you’ve come across

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MISSION FITNESS: Add a little more motivation to your workout with music

During hectic days full of work, school and family duties it is not always easy to go the gym and have an energetic and effective workout. Sometimes, we could use a little help.

Source: www.oaoa.com

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3 exercises older adults should avoid

If your muscles have a lot of mileage on them, here are the top three exercises that cause more harm than good – and how to fix that.
– Ashley B. Greenblatt, ACE-CPT, Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News

Source: www.philly.com

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Weight-loss and fitness goals often backfire. Here’s what to do instead

The proliferation of Fitbits, sleep trackers, and dieting apps have made it possible for us to closely track and measure just about all things wellness—and to share the results on social media. The outcome is that many of us take for granted the idea that we should strive to be the “best,” healthiest version.

Source: qz.com

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6 Things You Should Do After Every Workout

Get the most out of your training efforts by incorporating these practices into your post-workout regimen.

Source: www.flexonline.com

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