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It’s Time to Calm Your Workout Down

Sure, super-intense workouts have their place, but if your fitness routine is stressing you out it might be time to try these expert tips.

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Strength Training for Weight Loss

Presently things have truly changed! The pervasiveness of weight training has taken off. We have found that if not taken to an extraordinary level, strength training is one of the most advantageous, most fat burning and body fitness frameworks you can apply. This article is not tied in with bashing cardio. Oxygen consuming exercises is …

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Samantha Briggs: 10 fitness tips from Britain’s Queen of CrossFit 

Former Manchester firefighter Samantha Briggs became Britain’s first and only CrossFit Games world champion in 2013.

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

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3 Ways To Shield Yourself From Mainstream Fitness Culture Programming

What sort of message are we trying to paint here? It all just sounds like “skinny or die” to me.

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6 Tips To Take Control Of Your Health With Physical Activity

Find here six good reasons for women to make their health and fitness a priority!

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CrossFit Pros Trying New Fitness Equipment Will Give You All the Motivation You Need on #TransformationTuesday

Scott Panchik, Jamie Hagiya, Emily Bridgers, and Garret Fisher tried Dick’s
Sporting Goods’ #ethosequipment and they liked it.

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We Be Jymmin

It is quite natural for a power house fitness instructor of HIIT, Boot Camp and Spin to understand the motivation behind high energy music at the gym.

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You’re Setting The Wrong Health And Fitness Goals (But Here’s How To Set The Right Goals)

Let’s talk about setting health and fitness goals. I bet right now, you’re thinking of a results-based goal. When I talk about results-based goals, I’

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Motivate yourself to get back in shape fast, here’s how – Star2.com

If you want to get back into your fitness routine after taking a break, these five tips will help motivate you.

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