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8 Awesome Benefits of Yoga

Yoga can be beneficial for men, women and children of all ages. Although it’s been practiced since the sixth century B.C., yoga has recently been gaining an increasing amount of attention across all lifestyles due to its many health benefits

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Yoga may help prevent weight gain, U of M study finds

Young adults who practice yoga — particularly overweight young adults — are less likely to gain weight over time, according to a new study from the University of Minnesota. The study’s finding suggests that yoga may be a useful strategy for preventing weight gain.

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Happy Yoga Day: Facial Yoga, the Yogic Way of Toning Your Face Muscles

Yoga, as many already know embodies the unity between mind and body, thought and action and symbolises harmony between man and nature.

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Foreigners come to Banarasi guru to learn kundalini awakening, take diksha

VARANASI: Clad in red dhoti and standing with folded hands before his Banarasi guru Vagish Shastri, a Denmark citizen Per Kronborg Grevsen took diksha of ‘Kali Mantra’ amid vedic rituals in Shivala area on Tuesday.

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Prep for Headstand With These 5 Yoga Poses

Headstand pose and other inversions require preparation, strength, and practice. Practice these 5 yoga poses to unlock your headstand pose.

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Meditation Really Is As Good As Your Crunchy Friends Say

There has been an impressive amount of medical studies that have successfully determined the value of mindful meditation on mental health.

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Separate But Not Apart – A Kosha Breakdown

In Yoga philosophy, there are five koshas, or layers of the human being identified. Here is an in depth explanation of this interesting truth.

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Naked Yoga Is Trending on Instagram Right Now, and the Photos Are Stunning

Followers of @nude_yogagirl are trading yoga pants for birthday suits by posting their own naked yoga photos on Instagram, and they’re absolutely stunning.

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Connection – The Art of Yoga

Yoga is a spiritual practice that deepens connection within the body. Check out this photographic series of yoga poses called “The Art of Yoga.”

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