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Yoga poses to beat bloating

A bloated stomach is caused by a number of things including stress, being pre-menstrual, digestive issues, irregular contractions in the small intestine etc. The good news is that yoga can help beat a bloated tummy.

Source: www.bodyandsoul.com.au

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The unlikely plus-size yoga star who learned her moves from online videos

At four feet 11 inches, and 73 kilograms, Dolly Singh stands out from the crowd of star yogis on Instagram who have come to be known for their slim waists, muscular arms, and trademark Lululemon yoga pants.  Despite her size, no asana is out of bounds, and her strength, flexibility, and stamina inspire admiration amon

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Why yoga, tai chi and meditation are good for you

 Relax your mind and then consider this: The physical and mental health benefits of pursuits like yoga and meditation begin in your genes, a new review suggests. The researchers reviewed 18 studies, involving a total of 846 people, to examine how the behavior of genes is affected by yoga, tai chi, meditation and other mind-body interventions. The conclusion: Such activities reverse molecular reactions in DNA that cause poor health and depression.

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Yoga Asanas to Boost Metabolism: 5 Yoga Poses to Increase Your Metabolism and Burn More Calories

Are you struggling to lose weight? You should enable your body to lose weight by increasing your metabolic rate. Here are some yoga asanas that will boost metabolism and help you to burn more calories. – Yoga Asanas to Boost Metabolism: 5 Yoga Poses to Increase Your Metabolism and Burn More Calories

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Practice Yoga? You Probably Need a Yoga Tune Up

Mado Hesselink loves Yoga Tune Up. As she puts it, “The Yoga Tune Up Level One Teacher Training rocked my world, and the rest is history.” Here’s why.

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