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Health Problems That Can Be Improved With Strength Training

If you have a chronic condition, your instinct may be to sit on the sidelines, but hitting the weights may help you feel better and improve your condition.

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Get Your Weight Up With The Science of Strength Training

Women today are neglecting strength training at their own peril. It’s the only kind of exercise that makes muscles bigger, which lets them generate more strength and force. Nine out of ten women believe that if they pick up weights at the gym, they will wake up the next morning to an Incredible Hulk-like body. […]

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5 Reasons to try bodyweight training

The value of bodyweight training – using your own body as resistance instead of machines or equipment – is often underestimated.

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More Than 50 Tips to Help You Lose Weight

Losing weight is not easy, and whoever tells you differently is lying. It takes commitment, hard work, and, for many, a complete lifestyle makeover. But armed

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Fitness program features unconventional equipment to improve health

Finding motivation can be tough when it comes to reaching one’s fitness goals, but one Fort Rucker program is ready to whip people in shape.

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Do you postpone hitting the gym? Here are 5 ways you can find motivation to work out

So you don’t look forward to going to the gym. We get it. Follow these 5 tips to change that.

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The Insane Ways You Can Boost Your Workout—While Sleeping

Turns out, the secret to better sleep is in the gym, and the secret to better workouts is in your bed

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5 tips for gym motivation

After taking a break from our regular gym routine, it’s hard to find the motivation to get back into it. Here are 5 tips on how to do just that.

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Fitfluencer’s workouts help paralyzed boyfriend regain feeling

A California workout couple take to Instagram to share their progress videos. Jessica Arevalo, 31, and Garrett Greer, 31, have reached viral fame for their couple exercise routines that help paralyzed Garrett.

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

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