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3 Key Hill Workouts That Target Speed, Strength and Endurance

We go over three valuable types of hill workouts that you can plug directly into your training and start seeing improvement in your running.

Source: running.competitor.com

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Are crawling exercises good for strength training?

Sure, it’s an awkward move, but it’ll cook your core and shoulders, and build loads of functional strength.

Source: www.mensfitness.com

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4 Benefits of Inverted Rows

Here are four unique benefits of the inverted row, a bodweight movement that can be easily scaled and progressed, regardless of goal and ability level.

Source: barbend.com

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Combine These Workout Moves with Tabata for the Ultimate Routine

No whining, no complaining, just moving. You won’t have time to utter a statement of doubt when you’re doing a Tabata-style workout. Known its major fat-blasting benefits, Tabata is a high-intensity interval training approach to fitness that calls for 20 seconds of intense body work followed by 10 seconds of rest repeated over a period…

Source: www.thepathmag.com

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4 Moves for Ripped Lower Abs

Page 1 | Transform your lower abs with this ascending six-pack circuit.

Source: www.muscleandfitness.com

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The high-rep circuit to build massive muscles

Ex-Marine Chris Van Etten demonstrates how to pound out the reps for major growth.

Source: www.mensfitness.com

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5 Things You Need to Make Your Own Boot-Camp Workout

Noam Tamir from TS Fitness shares a DIY boot-camp workout that will burn major calories in just 20 minutes.

Source: www.fitnessmagazine.com

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Barre Attack Is The New Workout Fusing HIIT With Barre For Serious Results

Never found barre quite enough but love its body-sculpting benefits? Barre Attack fuses the weight loss effects of HIIT with the toning abilities of barre.

Source: sporteluxe.com

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Cardio Vs. Weight Training For Fat Loss: The Debate Ends Here

The Fight Between Cardio Vs. Weight Training For Fat Loss: The Debate Ends Here

Source: www.mensxp.com

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19 Intense Park Workouts That Will Deliver MAJOR Results In No Time At All

Your outdoor workouts don’t need to be all cardio, all the time. Get serious results with these intense workout videos from YouTube.

Source: www.womenshealthmag.com

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