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What Is Yoga After All?

Yoga enjoys great popularity in the current times. As modern society has blurred with the digital sphere, yoga has been yet another subject endlessly explored on social media, especially since, more often than not, it

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Jake Wood Yoga Teacher So We Flow

Jake Wood, founder of men’s yoga attire brand So we flow… discovered yoga when living in Morocco and co-owning a small internet-based branding and design agency. It came in the form of a skill exchange – daily yoga tuition for a new identity. He recalls lying in Savasana at the end of his first practice realising he’d found something he wanted to pursue for a lifetime. Fast forward several years and yoga is a cornerstone of Jake’s life and inspiration for the foundation of so we

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Alison West’s 8 Desk Poses That Will Improve Your Posture

Deskbound at the office or at home? Starting to slouch? These strengthening and lengthening poses will help you sit with support and ease.

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How To Practice Gratitude In A Not-Cheesy Way Because It Actually Feels Pretty Good

While there are a million and one reasons to practice gratitude throughout the day, you’re probably thinking, if one more person tells you to start a gratitude journal, you might actually want to scream into your pillow. And while I’m not negating…

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Increasing meditation reduces medication

Gopi Krishnaswamy – Mindfulness, while being touted as the next generation of exercises, is probably over 3500 years old. It has its spiritual roots in ancient contemplative practices that were followed in India, , Mindfulness, meditation, anxiety, depression, stress

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Perfect positions: 20 best yoga holidays worldwide

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced yogi, these retreats offer a chance to improve your practice in a beautiful setting

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Commentary: Yoga and meditation can make schools less violent

My brother was born on the day of the Columbine shooting. While my family celebrated the arrival of a brand new baby boy, families in Colorado and all across the nation mourned the loss of 12 students and a teacher. When my parents heard about the shooting, questions that plagued the nation settled into their minds: How could something like this happen? What would it mean for their children? Would it happen again?

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How to Do a Side Plank, According to Kirby Koo

Not sure how to correctly do a side plank? Make these slight adjustments to your side plank pose (as well as other balancing yoga poses) to seriously

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6 Yoga Poses For A Rainy Day That’ll Pull You Right Out Of Your Dreary Funk

Rainy days can really bring a girl down. I don’t know about you, but when the weather’s dreary, all I want to do is roll into the most secure and snug blanket burrito and hibernate for, like, 17 years. There’s no rhyme or reason, but sometimes, the…

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Is it possible to be too flexible?

Yoga class is all about poses, from the basics, like bridge, chair, and cow pose, up to complicated headstands and one-armed, twisting backbends. Expert practitioners can seem to tie themselves in knots.

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