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Practicing mindfulness through yoga and meditation

    Freshmen Zoe Schmidt-Feenstra and Marley Darvassy practice Zazen meditation in the Old Jail. (Utsah Pandey/TKS)   With the stress of college and life after college weighing down on our shoulders, many choose coping strategies that do more harm than good. While some choose to find inner peace through use religion and spiritualism, others …

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Sequencing 101: 4 Asana Sequencing Faux Pas That Leave You Feeling Blah

If you’ve ever finished a vinyasa class feeling on edge, depleted, and ungrounded, it may have had to do with the way that class was sequenced.

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Which yoga should you do? Take this personality test to find out 

Genny Wilkinson Priest teaches two different types of yoga in London. She has repurposed a classic personality test as a guide to which personalities suit which type of yoga.

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Yep, Orgasmic Yoga Is a Thing and I Went to See If It Works

When I was invited to take an “orgasmic yoga class,” I was intrigued. Could it really work? I went to find out—for the sake of journalism, of course.

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Three Kids Yoga Poses to Help Start Fall on the Right Foot

Try these 3 yoga poses with
your kids to help them create a foundation of strength and balance that will carry them
into Fall and through the seasons.

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Yoga instructor’s been teaching for 40 years

Alice Rocky’s 40-year-career teaching yoga at the College of Marin happened by accident.The Larkspur resident — who was a dance major in college and taught dance at other schools — thought she was applying for a position to

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This Disclaimer Should Be Posted In Every Yoga Studio

This disclaimer should be posted on the wall of every yoga studio to remind us that yoga doesn’t care about the things we seem to think it does.

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