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Vinyasa, Ashtanga or Bikram: The 101 on different types of yoga

Whether you’re looking to shake up your existing practice or want to give yoga another try, peruse that selection yourself

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Eight Simple Ways to Freshen Up Your Yoga Practice

Even the most dedicated yoga practitioners hit a plateau or even a wall when it comes to remaining true to their practice. Here is a little encouragement and some tips to help keep you going when motivation is lacking.

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Weight Loss On Your Mind? Yoga Is Here To Help You

Obesity is the root-cause for numerous health problems and diseases as such digestive problems, high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease and strokes. Yoga, the ancient Indian spiritual discipline may help you with your weight loss plans. Here, we enlist 7 miraculous Yoga poses that will help you lose weight.

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Duo helping people find freedom in prison through yoga teacher training program

It’s Friday evening and students enter the education room, which is next to the gym they will practice in later, bringing with them books, homework and other materials.

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Finding the Happy Path with Yoga

More you practice yoga, the more you learn it’s not about the poses, it’s the journey through them that awakens you from the inside out.

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Touch with Skill: 4 Essential Steps for Hands-On Assists

Adjustments can transform someone’s practice. Learn the fundamentals of what makes a fantastic assist so you can safely and intuitively guide others

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How Can Energy Healing Make Your Yoga Routine More Effective?

With energy healing, you are able to let go of what is bothering you. When there is an issue on your mind that is causing an emotional blockage, your body will get stuck.

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I Meditated Twice A Day For 90 Days. Here’s What Happened

Want to start a meditation practice? You’re not alone: Here’s one man’s honest account of starting a practice, failing, and how he found the grace to begin again.

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Gain Flexibility for Tight Hamstrings with This 15-Minute Yoga Flow (Free Class)

Tight hamstrings are very common for many of us and can result in lower back pain and tight hips. Gain hamstring flexibility with this yoga flow.

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